The Pilots

Gerry Humphreys and Eddie Goggins are no strangers to Airshows. Both pilots have performed popular and exciting solo flying displays for many years. In 2013 they teamed up to create the first ever Irish civilian aerobatic formation team. They are flying the incredibly versatile Vans RV7 homebuilt aircraft.

Eddie Goggins
Gerry Humphreys

Eddie has been a 5-time Irish aerobatic champion and won a Bronze medal for Ireland at the 2008 World Advanced Championships in the USA.

Gerry, an ex RAF Harrier Pilot and qualified aeronautical engineer, has over 9500 hours logged in more than 90 different types of aircraft.

The Display

The AerDynamics are Irelands first civilian formation aerobatics display team.

Eddie and Gerry became friends years ago as they frequently performed at the same airshows around the country. Their mutual respect and professional approach to their flying encouraged them to create the AerDynamics formation team. Many hours of training and practice flights have resulted in an impressive show that includes manoeuvres such as:

  • The Shamrock Split

  • The Crossover Loop

  • Synchronised Hammerheads

  • The Avalanche

  • Opposition Rolls

  • The Love Heart

The Aircraft

The Van’s RV-7 and RV-7A are two-seat, single-engine, low-wing home-built airplanes sold in kit form by Van’s Aircraft.

The RV-7 is the tail-wheel equipped version, while the RV-7A features a nosewheel. The RV-7 is the replacement for the RV-6 and is externally similar to the earlier model, with longer wings, larger fuel tanks and a larger rudder to improve spin recovery characteristics.

Solo Displays

As well as performing together, both Eddie and Gerry offer a number of exciting and unusual solo air displays.